At 17, Daniela went to Nervi (Italy), scene of a renowned international dance competition, escorted by her life-guide mother Ann Moon, also her teacher in Afro-Cuban style.

At the venue, some members of the “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater” were impressed with her and granted her a scholarship in New York.

Shortly thereafter, she was made a member of the Junior Company.

She was cast in Wade in the water, the pas-de-deux Fix me Jesus, both of them parts of the celebrated ballet Revelations.




Within the company, she studied the following techniques:

  1. -Ballet, with Genia Melikova and Maggie Black

  2. -Horton, with Judith Jamison, Joyce Trisler, Sylvia Waters, Denise Jefferson and Dudley Williams.

  3. -Graham, with Bertram Ross and Pearl Lang.

  4. -Cunningham, with Gus Salomon.

Alvin Ailey

Some choreographies created directly on her: 

  1. -Night creatures, by Alvin Ailey himself

  1. -Echoes in Blu by Milton Myers

Among the others, she also danced in:

  1. -Myth, by Alvin Ailey

  2. -Children Games by Donald McKyle

  3. -New Orleans Junction by Alvin McDuffie

  4. -Autumn (The Four Seasons), by Joyce Trisler.

Sylvia Waters  © Eduardo Patino

Judith Jamison