In 2010, as actress and choroegrapher, she joined the production of the full-length movie Dance for Life, directed by Francesco Mazza, featuring actor Massimo Ciavarro and dancer Francesco Mariottini in the lead roles.

The project has also seen the collaboration of Keith Young, popular choreographer who has worked on movies such as It’s Complicated and Rent, and created tour choreographies for Madonna and other artists.

In 1996 she began working with the sports association "La Fenice" in Spoleto, a partnership that would reveal itself  to be both precious from an artistic and human perspective.

With Laura Bocchini and Roberto Settimi, managers of the club, she first established a division where athletes from rythmic gymnastics would be able to continue their career into the dance world; from this evolved her first dance company “La Fenicedanza”.

She began her own work as a choreographer in Sweden, as assistant to Cristina Caprioli Grasso.

A year later she collaborated with Fiorenza D’Alessandro, director of “Balletto di Spoleto”, for whom she created several pieces:

  1. Enemy or Friend, on a poem by Anna Akhmatova, also performed in Belgium

  2. The Waves, freely based on Virginia Woolf’s book

  3. Three Women, based on a radio piece by Sylvia Plath

  4. Penelope, danced by Maria Grazia Galante and Sasha Ramos, also performed in Madrid

She then worked with “Teatro Lirico Sperimentale A.Belli” in Spoleto, choreographing and dancing the role of “The Virgin Mary” in G.B. Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, in a staging by director Paolo Baiocco and featuring the actress Piera Degli Esposti.


She continued to work for the “Lirico Sperimentale” doing stage movement work with singers, as assistant to the following directors:

  1. Alvaro Piccardi in L’Inganno felice

  2. Franco Ripa di Meana  in Don Giovanni

  3. Gabriele Dolcini in Dido and Aeneas, where she also danced as “The Fury”

She collaborated again with Dolcini, as choreographer and assistant director in  Gounod’s Faust, also performed at Ankara’s Opera House.

The company, based in Spoleto, has performed shows and installations at the most important venues of the Umbrian region (central Italy).

In 2004 she created choreographies for Diana Cantelma, a show conceived and directed by “La MaMa” Ellen Stewart, founder of the historical La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club of the East Village in New York.

In 2005 she interpreted the role of “Naomi”, mother of beat poet Allen Ginsberg, in a show for the Nuit Blanche in Perugia, also starring Italian clarinettist Gabriele Mirabassi.

In 2006, at the open-air Narni Opera theatre, she choreographed and danced the role of “Nut”, one of the three goddesses in Verdi’s Aida, directed here by Paolo Baiocco.


A distinctive feature of this project was that, even in the absence of meaningful contributions from state or private funds, Daniela had created a semi-professional structure that involved mainly young local talent.

Many artists have collaborated on the project, among them actor Pietro Biondi, painter Jeffrey Isaac and Mauro Bigonzetti, present artistic director of Aterballetto, for the show Giulietta… e Romeo? which was performed at Teatro Nuovo in Spoleto.

At the prestigious Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, she created choreographies for War and Peace, directed by Gian Carlo Menotti.

© Joe Oppedisano

In summer 2013 Daniela was invited by  theatre and movie director Marco Filiberti to lead with himself a workshop for actors, on body and movement. The project, produced by the organization Le Vie del Teatro, had its natural finalization in the  performance Conversation Pieces, based on  the plays “Cain” and “Manfred” by Lord Byron. In 2014 Daniela newly collaborated with Filiberti for the production of the upcoming full-length feature Cain, this time also as actress, as well as choreographer of stage movements of the actors. Click here for the Trailer

In 2013, Daniela was approached by Lenka Flory e Simone Sandroni, artistic directors of the company Deja Donne, for the creation of an interview entirely dedicated to her personal story. The show, part of the Vale Tudo series, retraced the essential phases of Daniela’s artistic career. Clic here to watch the Trailer.