Daniela has taught ballet and contemporary dance since she was 14.

While still forming herself as a dancer, she gave classes at several private schools in Rome (notably the C.I.D. - Centro Internazionale Danza - at that time one of the most important training centers in Italy). 

She then started her professional career at 17.

In 1995, after having married and had a son, she started teaching again in Spoleto (Italy), her new home base, renowned around the world for its “Festival of Two Worlds”.

First she worked at “Cirillo”, probably the most prestigious dance school in Spoleto, then creating a special dance section within the sport association “La Fenice”, with which she’s still collaborating after 15 years.

Daniela has always taught individuals of all ages and backgrounds: from 4-year-old girls to adult opera singers, from teenagers to experienced professional dancers.

One special mention has to be made for the remarkable work she’s done with the rythmic gymnastic athletes of “La Fenice”. In addtition to their daily sport training, she’s provided them with an accurate and tailor-made dance education.  

While artistic director of “La Fenicedanza” company in Spoleto, she also personally looked after dance training of the young amateur dancers who composed the company.

Since 2005 she’s been a guest ballet teacher at some of the most important companies in Europe: among them Ballet National de Marseille and Ballet Preljocaj.

Recently she’s also taught at Marameo Dance School in Berlin.


© Lesley Leslie-Spinks